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Erica Mallett Discusses Split From Triple J, End Of “Creative Ride” With Sally Coleman

Former triple j Breakfast host Erica Mallett has discussed her split from the station along with the end of the creative relationship between her and former co-host Sally Coleman. Earlier this month, the duo announced they were leaving the station after joining back in 2017 to pursue other opportunities.

Over the weekend, Mallett took to Instagram to discuss the split – both from triple j and Coleman herself, who Mallett previously performed in hip-hop group Coda Conduct with.

The presenter opens the post by clarifying that the duo didn’t get axed from triple j – in fact, Mallett says the show was doing well and they were getting great feedback across the board, and until recently they’d been planning for a big 2021 together.

“Sally and I started out together when I was 18, and I’m so proud of everything we have done over the last 8-or-so years… She’s so clever and inspired and I’ve always admired that. I wanted breaky to continue. I really did, with my whole heart. Unfortunately, the reality was that although Sally and Erica – the show was going great guns, Sally and Erica – the people were coming to the natural conclusion of their 8 year creative ride together,” Mallett explains in the statement.

“So, it’s time to close that chapter and I’m really excited to create with new people, and new ideas. But man, I’m gonna miss the triple j audience. The weird thing about listening to triple j is that it makes you feel like you have tens of thousands of friends. I can’t tell you how grateful I’ve been to be able to rock up to work and chat, laugh and listen to music with you. I’ll miss you every day.”

Mallett concluded the post with an indication of where her future lies – saying she’s continuing to make music, write, and exploring other creative avenues. See the full statement below.

Earlier this morning, it was announced that listener faves Bryce Mills and Ebony Boadu would be taking over the Breakfast reins next year, with the pair set to begin hosting the program together in January.


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