Ernest Ellis and Parades co-headline tour cancelled due to illness

The joint headline tour for Ernest Ellis and Parades has unfortunately been forced to cancel.

From the press release:

This is due to a medical condition that Roland ‘Ernest Ellis’ is suffering in his hearing which – if exposed to loud noise for an extended period of time – could result in further complications and permanent damage. He has been advised by doctors not to expose his hearing for at least two months in order to avoid any serious long-term health problems.

Therefore the October tour with Parades has been cancelled. Parades will not be continuing with the tour either. Refunds are available from all ticketing outlets.

He has also been forced to pull out of the Glenn Richards support slot at the Metro in Sydney on November 12th.

Ernest Ellis will, however do the One Movement Showcase in Perth on Sunday, October 10th. This will be his only show for the two-month period.

Roland is extremely disappointed about the cancellations, but hopes fans will understand that this short-term hiatus will allow him to continue for years to come.

Ernest Ellis will still appear at the Pyramid Rock and Peat’s Ridge Festivals at the end of the year.

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