Every ‘Oh’, ‘Whoo’, ‘Whoa’ & ‘Nah’ From 90’s Alt-Rock In One Supercut

If you’ve never been one to remember lyrics when it’s time to sing along, the 90s may have been your finest decade. Grunge yelps, Britpop harmonies and often wordless or indecipherable gibberish filled the spaces where words could have been. Now, because for no reason, these phat vocal fillers from that most tubular of decades has been compiled into one easy to digest YouTube collection of “ohs” “ahs” and “whos”. Try following along now.

Dubbed the 90’s Alt-Rock Vocal Hook Supercut, the clip will leave you black and blue following an onslaught of nostalgic head banging. For two and a half minutes, the entire decade is addressed demonstrating, among other things, that no one really knew what they were saying or doing in the 90’s. Especially the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Vocal hooks in pop music have been a thing since pop music was a thing, but it is interesting just how many enduring (if not generation defining) bands have made the cut. No Doubt, Weezer and Third Eye Blind get their airing, natch, but don’t forget about Eddie Vedder’s tortured yet eminently memorable howls, or Marilyn Manson’s insistence on croaking every line he doesn’t scream. It’s all in there.

The ’90s resurgence is now approaching its zenith. Props to Kimbra for releasing her aptly named single 90’s Music a full day prior. Now… how many bands can YOU pick out?

Watch: The 90’s Alt-Rock Vocal Hook Supercut

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