Every Time I Die Share Savage New Track ‘Glitches’

Every Time I Die have unleashed a Kraken of a track from their forthcoming album Low Teens, in the form of their brand new song Glitches.

For damn-near three minutes, Glitches (below) slashes and burns like a shot of whiskey poured by Satan himself. Continuing on with the deeply personal motifs we saw in Low Teensmaiden track The Coin Has A Say, Glitches is a savage self-assessment using wordplay that even the most astute ETID fan will struggle to keep up with.

Everything we’ve seen so far from Low Teens indicates a ruthless album from the band, who are shaking things up after 18 years of leading the party metal pack. A lot of the credit has been given to producer Will Putney (Acacia Strain, Body Count, Exhumed), who united the bands different penchants for hardcore, punk, metal and rock into a coherent and brutal force.

Frontman Keith Buckley has elaborated on this further, saying, “Will had a hunger we found exciting. He was eager to do whatever it would take to make this record the best record either of us had ever done. that meant if he was going to step out of his comfort zone, we were going with him.”

Low Teens is set for release on 23rd September. Stream Glitches in full, below.

Listen: Every Time I Die – ‘Glitches’

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