Everyone In Iceland Is Related To Björk

A new app has no doubt resulted in many, many awkward conversations throughout the households (and for that matter, hotel rooms) of Iceland. As it turns out, despite having a population that isn’t tiny, there are too few people for everyone to not share a common ancestor. Yep, Icelandic readers, you’re dating a relative and now there is proof on your phone.

The website Íslendingabók, which literally translates to Book Of Icelanders, has a database of 720,000 different people born in the country within a certain period of time, writes News Of Iceland, which is more than twice the current population, sitting around 320,000. With that knowledge, it’s able to link everyone to just about anyone. What’s more, all citizens can access the information for free via an app, which I suppose is the right thing to do in this sort of situation.

Apart from the obvious negatives, there are a few upsides to this. One being that all Icelanders are officially related to Björk, the other being all Icelanders are officially related to Sigur Rós and hey, that’s pretty cool, right?

Don’t be so quick to judge, we’ve all had that moment at a relative’s birthday where the hot chick you’ve been speaking to turns out to be a distant cousin. But the app means that from this point forth, at least Icelanders can check before swapping bodily fluids with their relo and the addition of a ‘bump’ feature is both comical, and functional.

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