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Falling In Reverse Announce 3rd Album ‘Just Like You’, Share New Single

Polarising post-hardcore outfit Falling In Reverse have hit fans with a double whammy of good news ahead of their upcoming appearance at Soundwave 2015. Not only have the Las Vegas rockers announced that their third album, Just Like You, will be released on the eve of their debut Australian performance, they’ve also shared a brand-new single from the forthcoming disc, Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter), to get your ears all lubed up.

The track will be a big hit with fans who like their Falling In Reverse on the heavy end of the spectrum, featuring chaotic guitar work, frenetic drumming and frontman Ronnie Radke in full scream mode during the verses. Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter) is also a sequel of sorts to the song The Guillotine, which links back to Radke’s stint with fellow Soundwave 2015 bill-gracers Escape The Fate on their album, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion.

Radke and co will make their live Australian debut at Soundwave next month, with the festival’s recently released, subject-to-change draft timetables scheduling them for a 40-minute set, kicking off at 7:20 pm on Faith No More Day.

Just Like You will hit shelves on Friday, 20th February courtesy of Epitaph, but fans can lodge a pre-order now by heading to the band’s official website. Check out the official track listing, cover art and new single Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter), below.

Listen: Falling In Reverse – Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)

Track List:

1. Chemical Prisoner

2. God, If You Are Above…

3. Sexy Drug

4. Just Like You

5. Guillotine IV (the Final Chapter)

6. Stay Away

7. Wait and See

8. The Bitter End

9. My Heart’s To Blame

10. Get Me Out

11. Die For You

12. Brother

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