Fear Factory Samples New Concept Album Online

Metal juggernauts Fear Factory have taken to to preview their latest offering The Industrialist. The release is a conceptual album based around a story written by vocalist Burton C. Bell and is the first with new bass player Matt DeVries (Ex-Chimaira).

As with all Fear Factory releases, the lyrics tell a tale that’s intricate and profound. Bell commented on the crux of the themes held in The Industralist with Decible Magazine: “The Industrialist is an automaton, and it is the protagonist of the story”, Burton begins. “It is an automaton that is becoming sentient as it collects more memories with each passing day. Through observation and learning, it has gained the ‘will to exist’.” The full explanation is definitely worth a read.

Bell finishes the tale with a question mark: “The reader will see some references to today’s whorl, but that’s all they are: references. The story does not have an ending, and it may continue.”

Once again, the band teamed up with producer Rhys Fulber. The release is looking to drop June 5; take a look at the album teaser below!

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