Feist Tears Up Laneway 2012 In Sydney

A massive crowd seems to spontaneously appear in anticipation for Canadian singer/songwriter Leslie Feist.

The trees now cast a cooling shade across the grounds and Feist’s upbeat folk rock proves to revitalise the Laneway attendees. Feist encourages the crowd to dance while leading mass sways and clap-alongs, receiving some of the biggest applauds of the day thus far.

One male fan pipes up above the crowd and asks Leslie to marry him. She accepts on the bases she’ll be afforded an Australian citizenship but suggests the eager fan waits until she plays another few anti-love songs.

Feist proves quite the chatty one, asking the crowd if they’re willing to travel back in time as she invokes the rock n roll triumphant of Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses.

Pleasing her fans with a collection of easy-to-digest jingles, Feist leave those in attendance re-energised and promises Sydney she’ll see them again in a couple of days.

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