From First To Last Are Heavily Teasing Skrillex’s Return

Even if you don’t know screamo band From First To Last you’ll probably know that Skrillex, AKA Sonny Moore, was once the vocalist of a post-hardcore band before he became one of the biggest EDM producers on the planet.

Skrillex, as a producer, is doing well right now. He scored multiple hits with Justin Bieber last year, including Sorry, and is blitzing festivals with Diplo as Jack Ü but it seems he wants to return to his roots.

In July, he previewed a collaboration with the band that he left in 2007 and just last week footage emerged of Moore singing in the studio.

He’s neither confirmed nor denied the news but the band are starting to drop some pretty serious hints that he is in fact coming back.

First, the band shared guitarist/vocalist Matt Good’s picture on their Facebook of the band when Moore was still apart of it, causing plenty of fans to freak out and speculate about his return. Then guitarist Travis Richter further fuelled the flame by uploading another old band shot including Moore.

Spencer Sotelo, who joined the band as their singer in 2014, is officially done with From First To Last, leaving the band wide open for Skrillex.

It’s unlikely that the producer megastar would have the time to join the band full time but if 2016 has taught us anything it’s to expect everything.

Watch: From First To Last – ‘Note To Self’

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