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FKA Twigs Fans Left Angered After Lack Of Visibility At Sunday’s Sydney Show

FKA twigs took to the stage at Sydney’s Carriageworks over the weekend as part of Vivid Sydney. For what was arguably one of the most anticipated shows of the Vivid season, eager fans were left disappointed, complaining they were unable to actually see the performer due to the venue’s stage not being elevated.

Over the years, FKA twigs’ evolution as an artist has seen her develop a fully-realised persona, one that is expressed wholly through her art and genre-melding music. Her recent clip for track ‘Cellophane’ took it all up a notch, featuring a carefully choreographed pole routine performed by twigs. But while fans anticipated the show to be a highly visceral experience, many were left with a view of nothing but each others’ heads.

Taking to social media to express their upset, some claimed that due to the setup, they left before the show had even ended out of frustration.

This morning, via the Facebook event, Carriageworks have made a statement in regards to the incident, but haven’t expressed whether any sort of refund will be made available to attendees. Tickets to the show were selling at $110.

“We’re so sorry to those who couldn’t see,” the statement reads. “The international staging of twigs’ Magdalene tour does not include large scale video screens. We take on board your comments about stage height and will work towards making our future music events better.”

This isn’t the first time the venue has faced criticism for their setup. The lack of raised staging was also an issue at last year’s St Vincent show, also as part of Vivid.

Despite the apology, fans are not taking to this too well, using the comments section of the statement to express their dismay.

Another said, “Woulda been the best show I’d ever seen, if only I was able to had actually seen it”.

FKA twigs has not yet commented on the incident.

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