Flaming Lips: Get (More) Creative With New Material Releases

Legendary Psychedelic rockers The Flaming Lips aren’t strangers to conveying their music in unconventional ways and their new releases for 2011 won’t be any different. The band want to make art out of their fresh material.

This week they will bring out 4 songs on a USB drive that’s buried inside a brain that’s encased in a life sized skull. The idea goes back to the Flaming Lips’ earliest days, when it put a skull on the cover of its self-titled debut EP in 1984.

Recently they’ve released “Two Blobs F**king,” a song thats split in 12 separate parts on YouTube and are meant to be heard together, preferably on iPhones.

If that’s not so strange to you, then you’ll be glad to hear that they also have on the cards, a working stomp box pedal that plays another 4 songs, and old fashioned flexi-discs that will be distributed on the back of old cereal boxes in an issue of MAD magazine.

Frontman Wanye Coyne spoke to saying “We’ve had grandiose ideas of putting out life-size, Gummi version of myself, and in the heart would be this giant hard drive with all the music on it that you could just pull out,” he said. “We think, ‘Why not?’ I love those kinds of ideas.”

“We’ve done 14 or so records, and you’re always scrambling around trying to do something different,” … “Everybody’s in the same quagmire now; How do you release music? What would be interesting? I’d just like to release music all the time and just put it out in all kinds of weird formats and not just collect it until we’re ready to put out every two years or so. It’s just by luck that we run into people that are willing to help us and… want to do something radical with us.”

He also added that Flaming Lips will still be making the new songs available on the Internet. “We’re not making our music less available,”“We want people to have it. And we know that if we put it on iTunes, virtually at the same moment someone will post it and it becomes out there and available virtually for free. But we still want it to be heard.”

Coyne hinted that with the group constantly making new music, this years batch of songs could end up being released in 2012 as a more conventional kind release… but still with a twist to it.

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