Wayne Coyne Performs With The Flaming Lips @ The Domain, Sydney 09.01.16 / Photo: Ashley Mar

The Flaming Lips Reportedly Finalising New Album ‘Oczy Mlody’

In case you were worried The Flaming Lips had stopped making music altogether in favour of collaborating with Miley Cyrus and releasing endless gimmicky artworks/products, worry no more, as it seems they are close to finishing their new album Oczy Mlody.

Should the reports be confirmed, the album will be the band’s first (proper) record released since putting out The Terror back in 2013.

According to reports by The Future Heart, news of the album comes via Wayne Coyne‘s partner in crime for the band’s visuals George Salisbury. He posted a short video to Instagram’s new story feature showing the nearly completed album artwork and a list of files labelled Oczy Mlody, along with the caption “Gettin’ close!!!”


The “dust” files are presumably the dust sleeve artwork while the “gate” files are the gatefold artwork. Extrapolating from that we assume that “GATE OUTSIDE 20,” the image in the video, is either the front or back album cover. Meanwhile the image below posted to Instagram by Coyne would seem to be the inside cover.

Coyne also shared an image that appears to be the album tracklist back in June, albeit an entirely illegible one. If you look really close though, it does seem to confirm the existence of two songs the frontman has previously posted about.

The first is One Night While Hunting For Fairies And Witches And Wizards To Kill, which Coyne posted a video excerpt of previously.

The second is Listening To The Frogs With Demon Eyes, which was inspired by some frogs that Coyne heard while walking his dog Dazey, and that according to the below Twitter post has been in the works since summer 2012.

As for the title of the album, it’s a Polish phrase meaning “eyes of the young”. While we have no idea what that means, the revelation has cleared up why Coyne has been using it as a hashtag on Instagram for the last couple of months, the phrase even appearing in Steven Drozd’s Instagram bio.

No word yet on when we can expect the album, but suffice to say we’re sure to see more post teasing it come out of Coyne’s herculean Instagram and Twitter output. Keep your minds prepped and ready to be blown.

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