Flaming Lips Urge Fans To Not Buy Stolen Costumes From Ebay

Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips has called on fans to boycott the sale of costumes and other items stolen from the band that are currently listed for sale on eBay.

The listing currently includes 3 costumes worn by dancers on stage and a roll of film titled ‘Waiting For Superman’. The starting bid for the roll of film is $1000, but currently none of the items have been bid on.

The eBay seller for the stolen items has stated on the listing “These were purchased from a defaulted storage locker auction”, implying that the band are no longer the legal owners of the film and costumes.

Coyne expressed his distaste and frustration with the eBay seller in several tweets over the weekend.

“There are a bunch of Flaming Lips items up on e-Bay … old costumes and stuff. Please DO NOT buy this stuff..”

Coyne said that while he had tried to arrange the return of these items the eBay seller “demands that we give tens of thousands of dollars”. “Don’t give him your money, he is the worst kind of opportunist … He profits from others misfortune. F**k him!!”

The costumes were worn by audience members who danced on stage with the band in 2003.

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