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Florian Releases New Single ‘L.O.B.A’

Sydney’s singer-songwriter Florian has released her latest single, ‘L.O.B.A’, on March 14th. The song has 00s vibes, explosive energy, and a message that demands attention. Florian bravely challenges society, authority, and the patriarchy’s invasive attitudes and control over women’s bodies on this tune.

The song’s beats and strong character may pique your interest, but its deeper significance connects with many. Florian discusses her journey to self-confidence and empowerment, focusing on her body. She rejects the idea that men have the right to dictate or condemn women’s bodies, saying, “Leave our bodies alone.”

Florian – L.O.B.A

Florian shares her insight, claiming that men’s desire for power is generally motivated by fear. When women take responsibility of their bodies, it might disturb others who

Florian shared the story behind the new single via a statement.”At face value it’s giving early 00s sexy, fierce energy but below the surface it’s confronting something I feel very strongly about and something I know all of my female friends relate to. It’s taken me a long time to have the confidence that I do now with my body to realise that what men think or say about my body is absolutely none of their business and I shouldn’t have to worry about a man or anyone really, having an opinion or making decisions about it,”

This empowering anthem follows Florian’s recent hit ‘fr33ze’, which received acclaim from Spotify’s the flavour and Apple Music’s New Music Daily, along with support from triple j + unearthed. Florian’s star continues to rise as she graced the stage at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and performed alongside Touch Sensitive.

‘L.O.B.A’ showcases Florian’s musical prowess and commitment to advocating for women’s empowerment and challenging societal norms. As she captivates audiences worldwide, Florian’s message of self-love and defiance rings loud and clear.

You can stream the new single ‘L.O.B.A’ here.

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