Foo Fighters Announce Show In Small Italian Town In Gratitude For 1000 Person ‘Learn To Fly’ Cover

Back in July of this year, the small Italian town of Cesena paid tribute to the Foo Fighters by putting together a 1000 person strong band to cover Learn To Fly, the band’s breakthrough single.

Clearly moved as we saw in his video response and not one to let a fan go un-thanked, let alone a whole town full of them, Dave Grohl and the Foos have just announced they will be heading to the town to play a show on November 3 to thank the people who put the video together for their epic fandom.

Organised by Fabio Zaffagnini in an effort the lure the band to Italy, the group not having toured there since 1997, the video came together after a six month crowd-sourcing campaign.

“I’ll never forget that day that my phone was flooded with texts from friends, all saying, ‘Have you seen this???’, ‘Amazing!’, ‘So insane!’ with an anonymous YouTube link attached”, wrote Grohl on the band’s website.

“Assuming it was just another ‘CAT GETTING STUCK IN A PAPER BAG’ video, I didn’t bite at first, but after the 10,000th message, I clicked the link and was absolutely blown away by what I saw.”

“To see so many people put so much time, and effort, and love into making music moved me to tears”, he continues. “And the fact that it was a Foo Fighters song…well…it’s hard to put into words how humbled that made me feel. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful experiences of my entire life. I walked outside, sat on the grass, turned my camera on and immediately responded (in my best broken Italian).”

“It went viral much over our expectations and its been just a fantastic sensation,” Zaffagnini told CNN. “We live in a very tiny, tiny town in Italy, and for us it’s a real miracle.”

So there you go, once again proof that music aside, Dave Grohl is the nicest guy in music.

Check out the original video and Grohl’s Italian language video response here below.

Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters Rockin 1000 Official Video

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl responds to the video of Rockin 1000 ‘Learn To Fly’

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