Former Crystal Castles Frontwoman Alice Glass Drops Solo Track ‘Without Love’

Former Crystal Castles frontwoman Alice Glass has dropped her second solo track since leaving the group.

‘Without Love’ follows on from 2015’s ‘STILLBIRTH’ and could be a taste of her forthcoming solo album which she spoke about earlier this year.

“Some songs sound more like being eaten by fire ants and some songs are like being slowly consumed by a snake,” she told Thump in an interview earlier this year.

She also said that the biggest thing we’ll notice is that you can, “hear my voice clearly.” That’s immediately apparent on ‘Without Love’.

Glass left Crystal Castles back in 2014. The next year she fired back about, “manipulative statements,” about her contributions to the band that her former bandmate Ethan Kath had made.

Kath has carried on with the band, releasing the first album without Glass Amnesty (I) last year.

Glass is yet to provide a release date for her album.

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