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Frank Ocean Has Followed Yesterday’s Visual Album With New Track ‘Nikes’

UPDATE 21/08/16: Frank Ocean has released an album titled Blonde.

ORIGINAL STORY: Yesterday, Frank Ocean released a 45-minute visual album titled Endless and now he’s followed it up with a new track Nikes complete with a music video.

We’ve been waiting for new Frank material for years but when it rains it pours and Frank is really delivering the goods now.

When the visual album dropped yesterday, Rolling Stone reported that Frank was also preparing to release another, entirely different album this weekend and Nikes is a good indication that it is coming.

Nikes was premiered on Apple Music as a visual and it’s pretty stunning. Frank appears in it covered in glitter singing in front of an empty theatre. There’s also fast cars, money, flames and nudity.

It’s NSFW but it’s a visual masterpiece and will come as a nice change for those that were getting sick of the warehouse in Frank’s live stream and in Endless.

Keep an eye out for more material from Frank this weekend.

Watch: Frank Ocean – Nikes

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