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Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ Credits Have Finally Been Revealed, Featuring Kanye, James Blake And Beyoncé

On Black Friday, Frank Ocean made physical copies of his album Blonde available for the first time and now they’ve been delivered to fans, revealing the album’s credits.

The credits are published in the physical copy of the CD and a Reddit user kindly published them on the internet for all of us to see.

We previously knew who worked on the record but it was a guessing game as to what song they worked on until now.

Beyoncé is credited for singing vocals on Pink + White while Kanye is unexpectedly listed as a writer on White Ferrari.

They’re the two biggest contributors but there are heaps of other big-names included. James Blake helped out on numerous songs, co-producing Solo and Solo (Reprise) as well as playing keys on Skyline To.

Elsewhere, Dirty Projectors’ frontwoman Amber Coffman contributed vocals to Nikes and Yung Lean is a featured vocalist on Godspeed.

Ocean will play his first live shows since Blonde‘s release at festivals in Europe and the US next year. He’s yet to announce any Aussie dates.

Listen: Frank Ocean – ‘Blonde’

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