Free Download Of New Blur Song ‘Fool’s Day’

We totally miss out on much of the limited edition fun that is Record Store Day in Australia, but it does lead to some really exciting material finding its way onto the Internet.

Blur recorded a new track, ‘Fool’s Day’ for the annual event, their first together as a four piece since ‘Battery In Your Leg’ from the album Think Tank in 2003. One thousand limited edition 7 inch vinyl pressings of the track were sold across the UK at independent music retailers.

To ensure Blur fans don’t miss out on the exclusive new track, the band have made ‘Fool’s Day’ available on their website as a free download, not only as an MP3 but also in uncompressed WAV format.

Blur’s manager Chris Morrison has said it is important that the song was made available “to avoid fans having to illegally obtain an inferior copy of this track from pirate sites.”

Head over to to register your email address and get your hands on a copy. I’d recommend the WAV format, mainly because I’m an audiophile, and MP3 just doesn’t compare in terms of sheer fidelity…

It’s a solid little track,  far better than you’d expect from a band that hasn’t recorded any new material together in seven years. I must admit I was a little apprehensive given Albarn’s recent musical offerings.

Oh, and if you just can’t wait to download it, here’s an official HD quality rip from youtube:

Bring on a new record, and an Australian tour!

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