Danny Worsnop fronts Asking Alexandria at Soundwave 2014 in Sydney / Photo: Olivia Hadisaputra

UPDATED: Frontman Danny Worsnop Quits Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria Danny Worsnop has shocked fans today with the revelation that he is parting ways with the metalcore group. The 24-year-old, who helped found the English metalcore band in 2008, has taken to social media to announce the news.

“To all of my friends and fans: I would like to let you know that Asking Alexandria and I are moving forward in separate ways,” Worsnop posted on TwitLonger. “Over the last eight years together we’ve done some amazing things and created something truly special. I now, same as then, want what’s best for the band and at this point in time, that isn’t me.”

“Asking Alexandria will continue to tour throughout the year and will be working on a new album,” the frontman continued. “I will always support and love Asking Alexandria and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.”

For the past few years, Worsnop has been active with his side-project, We Are Harlot, which he founded in 2011. Speaking to Music Feeds back in October 2013, the singer discussed plans to take a few months off to tour with his secondary project, We Are Harlot.

It seems that secondary project has now become his primary project, with Worsnop ending his message, “I am excited for the next chapter of my life with We Are Harlot and will see you all on the road!”

As of the time of writing, Asking Alexandria have yet to comment on the split. The band were last in Australia for Soundwave 2014.

UPDATE 13:00 23/01/15: Asking Alexandria have responded to the news, with guitarist Ben Bruce issuing a lengthy Facebook post asking fans for their support, and assuring them that the band will continue on. “We are going to tour harder than ever and we are going to write the greatest record of our career,” Bruce confirmed, adding that a new singer will make his debut on their upcoming European festival tour dates and US Warped Tour dates. Read the entire post from Asking Alexandria, below.

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