Fucked Up Sidewaves Announced

For almost 10 years, Fucked Up have made a habit of conquering the world. The band, whose brutal honest and no-bullshit ethos even shines through their name, have announced shows in both Melbourne and Perth with peers O’Brother and The Dear Hunter.

Fucked Up’s back catalogue is highly praised, but it’s their out-of-control live performance that is the real kicker. At such intimate venues, the band are really giving fans a performance they can sink their teeth into, but be warned – this is one show that will seriously bite back.

With their debut full-length effort Beneath The Garden Window, O’Brother managed to prick up the ears of music lovers in all corners of the globe. This enticing release oozes the kind of passion you’d usually expect to find 5 or 6 albums deep into a band’s career. The powerfully vivid album effectively roped fans in, then wore them the fuck out as they now watch the band continue to rise.

Cult favourites The Dear Hunter are at the top of their game following the release of The Colour Spectrum, an all-encompassing 9 EP anthology addressing hope, love, faith, fear, death, life, and even afterlife in one fell swoop.

Tickets on sale Friday, January 25, 9am

Tuesday, February 26

Prince Of Wales, Melbourne – 18+

Tix: http://www.princebandroom.com.au and http://www.oztix.com.au

Sunday, March 3

Capitol, Perth – 18+

Tix: http://www.amplifiercapitol.com.au and http://www.oztix.com.au

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