Gallery 4A: Khaled Sabsabi

In Winter 2009 Gallery 4A’s focus shifts towards West Asia and the Arab world, shedding light on the ways in which international issues of migration, integration, assimilation are interpreted and influence the work of contemporary artists.

Khaled Sabsabi, is a Western-Sydney-based artist, who over the last 10 years has developed an impressive exhibition profile, working with important curators and museums in Berlin, Poland, Shanghai, Auckland and Western-Sydney. Integration, Assimilation and a fair go for All,

is a multi-channel video installation that will occupy both levels of Gallery 4A.

Aaron Seeto, Director of Gallery 4A says “This is the latest in Khaled Sabsabi’s ongoing body of work that addresses contact and conflict. Sabsabi is the kind of artist who is not only engaged politically, but an artist who offers us different ways of thinking through our relationships and our place in the world. Sabsabi presents a complex project which poetically and intelligently unravels some of the big issues of our time.”

The exhibition presents work made over the last three years which invert our expectations and question the level of engagement of the

viewer. In the 3-channel video installation titled Left-Centre-Right, an ominous storm sequence over the suburbs near Newcastle. This

natural event was documented by the artist in 1997. When presented in the gallery, there is an eerie similarity to news imagery of war

offensives in other countries. In Fuck off we’re full, a large black vinyl text is presented on a black painted wall – the unpleasant directness of the text melds into the physical surroundings – Sabsabi critiques our institutions, asking whether the conflict of land ownership and occupation are inscribed silently all around us. On the groundfloor galleries, the video installation Australian is visible 24 hours a day. This work is a 12-channel video installation of oscillating human faces, fragments of noses, eyes, mouths, collaged from various faces across many different cultures.

Integration Assimilation and a fair go for All will be officially opened on Friday 12 June at 6pm by Lisa Havilah, Director of Campbelltown Arts Centre.

Panel Discussion- 20 June 2009 Saturday 2pm Gallery 4A will present a panel discussion to explore some of the key ideas within Khaled Sabsabi’s exhibition. In this exhibition Gallery 4A’s focus shifts towards West Asia and the Arab World through an artist whose ongoing body of work addresses contact and conflict and the role of the artist. As issues of migration, contact, conflict, traditional land ownership and occupation affect much contemporary art production in this country, what is the changing role of the artist, and what strategies are employed that bridge the creative and the political. The informal afternoon session will include speakers curator Alissar Chidiac, academic and poet Farid Farid, Indigenous art curator Djon Mundine and Khaled Sabsabi, chaired by Aaron Seeto.


Exhibition dates:

13 June – 25 July 2009

Opening: Friday 12 June, 6-8pm

Panel Discussion: Saturday 20 June, 2pm

GALLERY 4A- Asia-Australia Arts Centre

181-187 Hay St

(between Pitt & George Sts)

Sydney 2000

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