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Members Of TFS, Dirty Three And The Necks Release Debut Single As Springtime

Supertrio Springtime have released their first official single, ‘Will to Power’. It’s the first track lifted from the group’s upcoming self-titled, debut album.

Springtime is the project of guitarist and vocalist Gareth Liddiard (Tropical Fuck Storm, The Drones), drummer Jim White (Dirty Three, Xylouris White) and The Necks’ pianist, Chris Abrahams.

The group’s debut album will come out on Friday, 5th November. It’s available for preorder now through TFS Records in Australia and Joyful Noise Recordings elsewhere.

Liddiard, Abrahams and White played their first shows together in May at Melbourne’s Brunswick Ballroom. Up until now, the only evidence of the band’s sonic identity was a live recording of ‘Penumbra’ available on Bandcamp. Although recorded during the band’s nascency, ‘Penumbra’ lived up to the band’s promise of combining “free-jazz, lyricism, improvisation, avant-garde and experimental noise.”

‘Penumbra’ will not appear on the band’s self-titled album. ‘Will to Power’ is the album’s opening track and it’s not nearly as ear-piercing as Liddiard’s recent work with Tropical Fuck Storm. It comes with a music video directed by Matt McGuigan.

Speaking to Music Feeds in July, White described the band’s founding ethos. “I think the idea was to have it be a band, a three-way thing, and take it from there,” he said. “There’s nothing really crossed out at this point, which is obviously a great thing about starting something new. It’s not super prescriptive at this point.”

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