GBOB is heading to Sydney…again!

Sydney proved its musical chops earlier this month with a massive Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) Heat where 15 bands accepted the challenge – a testament to the colossal amount of musical talent Sydney has to offer!

Since the word got out, more Sydney bands are roaring for their chance to compete for the GBOB 1st prize of US$100,000 in the World Final in London (and a truckload of other stellar prizes!), hence a second Heat has been announced. The Heat will be held at the Hilton Marble Bar on Monday 8th September, kicking off at 7pm.

With a record number of bands playing in the first Sydney Heat on Monday 4th August, the talent on display was so fantastic that A Red Letter Day (Event Management) was pleased to be able to congratulate not one, but TWO winners – Vtribe and The Amanda Baker Band!

The whopping 11 piece band, Vtribe, was glowing after their victory at the Sydney Heat, raving that they enjoyed sharing the stage with the huge amount of talent on show from many different genres.

“It was a humbling experience,” he said. “I would recommend any up-and-coming bands enter GBOB – what have you got to lose?”

The Amanda Baker Band agreed, “We had a ball!” Amanda Baker said. “I loved the fact that with so many bands playing, not one was the same – there were different genres and the bands were at different stages in their music careers.”

Get in quick-smart for your chance to win some super-cool prizes, including a pair of the coveted Chuck Taylor Converse Shoes (a must in any musician’s wardrobe), a bag of goodies from Earnie Ball and a Fuji Z20 Digital Camera for each member of the winning band of the Regional Finals.

So there you have it, Sydney musos: with recommendations like these, why not sign up for the GBOB challenge TODAY?!? US$100,000 and international fame could be yours. Don’t miss out on your chance to be the winner of the GBOB Challenge 2008. Registrations will close soon, so just head to, follow the Australia links and you’re on your way!

Register your band NOW for your chance to win the biggest band competition the world has ever seen.

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