Image: YouTube / Metro Station TV

Get Ready To ‘Shake It’ Because Metro Station Are Reuniting

It seems like peak reunion season, and now it’s been confirmed that neon-emo pop band Metro Station are reuniting in 2020.

The band’s Trace Cyrus (brother of Miley, son of Billy Rae) confirmed the news in an interview with Alternative Press, revealing that they’ll be back with new music next year.

Most-famous for their 2007 hit ‘Shake It’, Metro Station formed in 2006 and soundtracked so many of our teenage years with the track.

They’ve had a checkered few years since then, breaking up in 2010 before reforming a year later. They broke up again in 2017.

Cyrus reveals that the advent of streaming services and TokTok have helped boost the popularity of ‘Shake It’ once again.

“…now it’s just things like TikTok and Spotify and all these new things that didn’t exist before have made “Shake It” and Metro Station take off in a whole new way that we thought would never happen,” he said.

“We’ve just been inspired by the streams and how much love Metro Station are still getting after all this time. Like, I think “Shake It” got 26 million streams just on Spotify this past year.”

The video is bloody iconic, and as I just discovered, features not only Miley Cyrus but also Jeffree Star… so there you go!

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