The Ghost Inside Drummer Shares Rap Track About Surviving Fatal Bus Crash

The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk has posted a brief but gripping rap track online, and it revolves around his survival (and recovery) from a fatal 2015 tour bus crash which left him an amputee.

Using what is actually a surprisingly great flow, Tkaczyk recants the events from last November which left him in a coma and claimed the lives of two drivers, as well as, essentially, how he managed to rise above it all.

“I’m down a limb and I’m wishin’ that it was different,” be begins at one point, “After only one year on one knee I finally see that if you put your mind to it you can do the same thing.”

It’s clear that surviving was (and still is) a struggle for the drummer, who raps, “I choose sedation as healing, I’m crawling in my own skin so I start digging and peeling into the depths of my soul, so here’s my heart that I’m spilling inspiration.”

Most of his bandmates walked away from the crash in a stable condition, however guitarist Zach Johnson has since gone under his 11th surgery since the crash.

There have been some moments of joy for the band over the last 12 months. The international community rallied behind them moments after news of the crash broke, with such a dramatic impact that the band took home the Most Dedicated Fanbase Skully at this year’s Alternative Press Music Awards.

The choice of genre might seem a bit strange to some, however Tkaczyk has proudly subscribed to both “heavy riffs and hip hop” in his Instagram byline for some time now. However considering he was already back behind a kit in March, we’re sure it’ll be more “heavy riffs” soon.

A GoFundMe page is currently up-and-running to help support the family of the band’s bus driver.

Catch Tkaczyk’s rap and statement, below.

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Just like my profile says, I like heavy riffs and hip hop. I've posted some heavy riffs. Now here's some hip hop. This is the music I fell in love with before anything else as a kid in the early 90's. That's your boy on the mic too 😉. Lyrics below. . . . "Life dealt me the cruel hand Try to picture and envision Not a split second to make a decision The next thing I know I'm getting chopped and split with incisions Frozen in linens Dilaudid got my mother fucking brain spinnin Blood clots formed and now the Warfarins thinnin Could this be karma coming to collect the years I've been sinning? And now My back is in a brace I'm down a limb and I'm wishin That it was different now my nerves are shocking, stabbing and pinching Maybe this is punishment for all the bitching I did back when I took my life for granted playing drums for a living So now I pop a couple Perc's when it's the pain that I'm feeling And when the phantom feelings hit I choose sedation as healing I'm crawling in my own skin so I start digging and peeling Into the depths of my soul so here's my heart that I'm spilling Inspiration, determination, defeat, adversity are just a couple of things I'm told I evoke when I speak After only 1 year on 1 knee I finally see That if you put your mind to it you can do the same thing."

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