Good Charlotte “Hustling” For Place On Soundwave 2014 Lineup

Following the rollercoaster ride that is the relationship between Soundwave boss AJ Maddah and Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden, fans were somewhat thrown to see that the band failed to make the cut for the festival’s first lineup announcement, though word on the street is Madden is hauling ass to make it happen.

Locked into his commitments as a judge on The Voice, which starts filming in February, Madden’s schedule clashes with that of Soundwave by two days. Though as Maddah puts it, Madden is “hustling to change dates now”.

We will have to wait until October to find out whether or not Madden was able to move mountains, as that is the date pencilled in for the second announcement.

Soundwave followers will know Good Charlotte headlined the first-ever event in the Perth of 2004. The events of that particular tour would go on to fuel a Twitter battle between the two. Here’s hoping the ups and downs in this relationship continue – that shit is gold.

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