Graham Coxon Hints at More Blur Shows Abroad

Graham Coxon has hinted that Blur are talking about doing some more shows abroad.

In an Interview with XFM last week he stated “We’re talking about doing some more shows abroad… I’m not sure how much I can say about that, but we’re definitely talking about it”.

Anyone like me who grew up listening to Blur and never got a chance to see them, either due to age or laziness because you thought Blur would be around forever, this news would make your week.

Whether or not they decide to make a trip down to Australia is still a big ask from the former Britpop legends, but i’m sure it wouldn’t be to out of the question.

Coxon added that the band had also considered writing some new songs.

“I think I said that’d be quite good fun. That’s as far as it’s gone,” he said of Blur’s future plans. “We didn’t bother really talking about it, we were just having a good time. We didn’t want to put any adverse ‘Gs’ onto it.”

But still, even if Blur don’t make it down here it would be nice if Graham could come and make appearance on the back of his new Solo Album ‘Spinning Top’.

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