Grimes Roasts “Dogmatic Asshole” Vegans After Announcing One-Day ‘Hiatus’

Canadian electro visionary Grimes has evoked the ire of a vegan purist after posting a picture of herself holding tub of Ben and Jerry’s Scotchy Scotch Scotch ice-cream and saying, “1 day hiatus from veganism is being had starting NOw.”

The 25-year-old, real name Claire Boucher, is a vegan with a strong social conscience when it comes to the ethics of food production and consumerism, but that wasn’t enough for one dude on the internet, who took affront to the ice-cream:

“Are you actually fucked? What the fuck is a ’one day hiatus from veganism’ mate? A one day hiatus on compassion? Just one day where you’re like ’whoops gonna consume something that was stolen from you and your young because HIATUS MAN’…… FUCK YOU.”

The Oblivion performer took to her Tumblr account to respond to her passion for the Anchorman 2-themed dessert, freezing out the haters with a carefully crafted serve:

“Part of the reason I posted the ben and jerry’s thing is because I like to encourage people towards a type of veganism that is inviting and accepting. For the longest time I was vegan but I just wouldn’t say I was because of the bad reputation of veganism. most of the vegans i know are dogmatic assholes, and it completely turns people off.

“I believe more people would be drawn to having more ethical diets if they didn’t feel bullied to do so, or if they felt they were entering a welcoming community.

“My brand of veganism is one wherein if your grandparents have no idea what you are talking about then you eat their beef stew rather than upset or confuse them. or if you really want to have cake with an egg in it on the holidays then you have that rather than just not being a vegan because you don’t want to give up occasionally having something that you love.”

She also went on to say that dudes like her commenter are the reason why no-one wants to be vegan. Not Grimes, though – she says veganism gives her better skin and more energy, as well as making her feel healthier. It’s not the first time the Toronto native has spoken about an issue she feels passionate about – back in April, Ms Boucher published an open letter taking on sexism and objectification in the music industry.

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(via Pigeons And Planes)

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