Grimes Wants You To Know That She Really, Really Doesn’t Like Her Last Album

It’s been four years since Grimes released her last album Art Angels, and in a new interview she reveals that she really bloody hates it.

Speaking with Cultured magazine, as part of the promo run for upcoming album Miss_Anthropocene, Grimes – ahem sorry, ‘c’ –  let loose on her 2015 album, calling it a “piece of crap” and a “stain on her life.” Christ.

“The last album was a piece of crap,” she said.

“I feel like people really misread it and it feels like a stain on my life.”

Tell us how you really feel. Her new album, however, is apparently about making climate change beautiful.

She gave Cultured a preview of some of her new tracks, including one titled ‘So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth.’

As for what it’s about, we’ll let c explain.

“Specifically how when a dude comes inside you, you become in their thrall—how it’s an attack on your feminist freedom,” she said.

If we had to read it, so do you.

“It’s sad how love can be this beautiful thing, but then love is the thing that’s fucking up my career,” she said, speaking about her headline-grabbing relationship with Elon Musk.

“The biggest change for me this year is losing my hardcore masculinity. I used to just be free—free of all this bullshit that it seemed like all the other girls were going through, and now I feel like I’m not.”

Miss Anthropocene is out this Winter.

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