Gunslinger Nights Launch

They say necessity is the mother of all invention – and out of the need for a consistent alternative rock and roll band night comes Gunslinger Nights. The once a month show will be held at the Sydney’s iconic Annandale Hotel, starting off with a bang on Saturday the 30th of April and continuing on the last Thursday Night of every month.

The line up for the launch night consists of Kotadama, We Are Grace, Lovers Jump Creek and All My Alien Sex Friends.

We chatted with We Are Grace and All My Alien Sex Friends.

Music Feeds: Give us a bit of a run down of All My Alien Sex Friends?

All My Alien Sex Friends: When you have a band name like ‘All My Alien Sex Friends’, I’m able to write a song about anything…. There is no topic that I can’t write about. One thing that is important to me is to be as honest as I can with my lyrics. No one wants to admit they have a small penis when it’s cold. But that’s just how it is. It’s pretty much all about writing music that I want to listen too.

MF: You’ve chosen Gunslinger Nights at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney for your first show, are you getting nervous?

AMASF: Yes! I’ll be having a few shots of scotch when I warm up. But I also excited. I can’t wait to mess with crowd and see how they respond. So we will see what happens.

MF: How are you hoping to be perceived by the world?

AMASF: Well, I want everyone to love my music! I know there’s no way that everyone will love it. But on a serious note, I think its important to be taken seriously, no matter what the topic of my songs may be.

Music Feeds: What’s the latest in the world of We Are Grace?

We Are Grace: We are just in the final processes of finishing up our debut album, and getting back to where we love being most, on stage!

MF: Is it hard for a young band to get a foothold coming from the Central Coast?

WAG: It’s never really considered hard when it is something that you really enjoy doing, I’d say a more appropriate word would be time-consuming!

MF: You all look very natural on stage, has it become a second home for you?

WAG: I’d like to say yes, but that is the beauty of music, there is always room for improvement, you constantly compete with yourself and your other band mates to better yourself and each other.

Catch We Are Grace and My Alien Sex Friends at The Annandale Hotel Saturday the 30th April

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