Haim’s Early Days: Valli Girls, Traveling Pants, Songs About Hair And Shopping

When you’re a muso waiting for your big break, sometimes you gotta do some things you’re not so proud of to make a buck and Los Angeles sister act Haim are no exception – video has now surfaced of the two elder siblings appearing as part of the girl group Valli Girls, starring in a tween girl cartoon theme song called It’s A Hair Thing.

Guitarist Danielle and bassist Este have all the pep of Disney starlets in this hilarious ode to big hair, complete with choice lyrics like “We conquer evil then go shopping”. The song is the theme for an animated show called Trollz.

It wasn’t Valli Girls’ only number – they also released a track called Always There In You on the soundtrack of the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants film before the sisters Haim parted ways with the rest of the group in 2005. That tune is also below.

We bet youngest Haim sister Alana is glad she wasn’t part of this one, although it’s no secret that the trio are fond of their commercial pop. The Falling outfit dropped a cover of Miley Cyrus‘s controversial smash Wrecking Ball at BBC‘s Live Lounge last month, with approximately 76% more indie cred – and clothing – than the original.

Watch: Valli Girls – It’s A Hair Thing

Listen: Valli Girls – Always There In You

(via Oyster Mag)

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