Have A Cringe At Madonna’s Super-Awks ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Professional LOL dispenser James Cordon has gone for a road cruise with one of his biggest guests yet, snagging the Queen Of Pop Madonna for a cameo on the most recent segment of his reality TV juggernaut Carpool Karaoke.

The astronomically successful series works on the simple but effective premise of humanising mega-celebs by allowing us to view them driving around a neighbourhood and acting like loveable dickheads while belting out some of their fave tunes on the car stereo. Nawww, just like us you guys!

The formula has worked to make even a brat lad like Justin Bieber seem like a dude you could have actually an alright time with, maybe. However, in perhaps a first for the series, this was not the case with Madonna.

Her Madgesty’s cameo was a car-wreck of cringe, as she did her best job to flirt, joke around and engage in playful shenanigans between karaoke seshes and still came across looking like a total asshole in every scenario.

Apparently, Madge has become too famous to remember how to ~express herself~ like an actual human being, and her lack of relate-ability in a show whose sole purpose is to make megastars seem more relatable has the Material Girl seeming like exactly that, like a full blown celebrity cyborg. At least she can twerk, though.

Watch the painful footage below.

Watch: Madonna On ‘Carpool Karaoke’

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