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Hear Brand New’s Rapid Fire New Track ‘I Am A Nightmare’ In Full

Written by Emmy Mack on May 18, 2016

There’s nothing like starting your day with some brand new Brand New (yep, we went there and REGRET NOTHING).

The Long Island veterans have just unleashed a fresh single entitled I Am A Nightmare upon our ears, which have been waiting ever so patiently since 2015 when the group released their first song in 6 years, Mene (so on the plus side, at least the wait between songs is getting shorter).

First off here’s what the cover art looks like:

brand new

The song itself is an up-tempo slice of alt-rock with a relentless, driving drum beat, a bordering-on-pop-punk lead guitar line and an uplifting, catchy-as chorus that sees frontman Jesse Lacey repeat the lyrics, “I am a nightmare and you are a miracle” (which will get stuck in your head just like that trippy rainbow orb is stuck in that 70’s-faced lady’s).

The poppy new release comes just a few short months after frontman Jesse Lacey told fans at a show that the band won’t be able to “last much longer”, fuelling rumours that their as-yet-unannounced fifth LP will be their last.

You can choose to read into some of his other I Am A Nightmare lyrics as a signal of the band’s imminent demise if you so choose (“Throw everything that I own into the fire”) but we’re going to remain in steadfast denial until they specifically tell us otherwise.

Six more Australian tours plz.

Catch I Am A Nightmare, in full, below.

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