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Hear Brand New’s Rapid Fire New Track ‘I Am A Nightmare’ In Full

There’s nothing like starting your day with some brand new Brand New (yep, we went there and REGRET NOTHING).

The Long Island veterans have just unleashed a fresh single entitled I Am A Nightmare upon our ears, which have been waiting ever so patiently since 2015 when the group released their first song in 6 years, Mene (so on the plus side, at least the wait between songs is getting shorter).

First off here’s what the cover art looks like:

The song itself is an up-tempo slice of alt-rock with a relentless, driving drum beat, a bordering-on-pop-punk lead guitar line and an uplifting, catchy-as chorus that sees frontman Jesse Lacey repeat the lyrics, “I am a nightmare and you are a miracle” (which will get stuck in your head just like that trippy rainbow orb is stuck in that 70’s-faced lady’s).

The poppy new release comes just a few short months after frontman Jesse Lacey told fans at a show that the band won’t be able to “last much longer”, fuelling rumours that their as-yet-unannounced fifth LP will be their last.

You can choose to read into some of his other I Am A Nightmare lyrics as a signal of the band’s imminent demise if you so choose (“Throw everything that I own into the fire”) but we’re going to remain in steadfast denial until they specifically tell us otherwise.

Six more Australian tours plz.

Catch I Am A Nightmare, in full, below.

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