Rise Against
Image: Wyatt Troll

Hear Rise Against’s Melodic New Punk Slice, ‘Talking To Ourselves’

Rise Against have unleashed a brand new cut from their forthcoming album, Nowhere Generation.

Dubbed ‘Talking To Ourselves’, the tune is an upbeat, melodic punk anthem about feeling like you don’t have a voice.

“I’ve never thought of our songs as ‘brave’ or ‘bold’,” frontman Tim McIlrath explains (via Loudwire). “I think of them as just common sense. When you feel that no one is listening to you, you tend to talk louder, and when you feel no one notices you, you start doing things to get their attention. That’s what this song is about.”

Take ‘Talking To Ourselves’ for a spin below, and catch the band’s ninth studio album, Nowhere Generation, when it drops this Friday.

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