Hear Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Sung In The Style Of Shaggy, Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath & More

The internet’s favourite guy-who-breaks-songs-into-20-different-sections-and-then-performs-each-section-in-the-style-of-another-famous-artist-or-band is back to do it all again with Taylor Swift‘s chart-exploder Bad Blood, and the results are every bit as social media share-able as you’d expect.

Anthony Vincent of 10 Second Songs uses his expert level vocal impersonation skills to channel the likes of Shaggy, TLC, The Rolling Stones, Cyndi Lauper, Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Sepultura, Disturbed and more in his newest entertaining AF video effort.

Some surprise stylistic cameos include 90’s one-hit wonders Eiffel 65, the cast of Grease, Barney & Friends, and Chef from South Park, who are all channelled through Vincent’s chameleon pipes.

The vocal wizard shot to cyber-fame after his first project, a recording of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse also in 20 different styles, went viral.

Speaking to Rolling Stone recently about his success, Vincent said: “I love that people are having conversations that are involving Frank Sinatra, Type O Negative and Tech N9ne at the same time. If I’m in any way responsible for having some 14-year-old girl Google ‘Type O Negative,’ that’s crazy.”

Check out Vincent’s take on T-Swizzle’s Bad Blood, and Katy Perry’s Dark Horse which we’ve thrown in for good measure just because it’s awesome, below.

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