Hear Tom DeLonge’s Very Blink-182 New Solo Track, ‘Circle-Jerk-Pit’

Blink-182’s wayward son is carrying on with his extra-curricular activities, following his controversial sort-of departure from the band. Tom DeLonge has unveiled a brand-new song off his forthcoming solo record, To The Stars called Circle-Jerk-Pit, and it’s ironically the most Blink-182 thing you’ll hear today.

DeLonge had previously teased that his forthcoming record would feature new Blink-182 demos “along with a few extra tracks”, and this fresh offering is surely one of the former. The song has the irreverent, punk-rooted, rough-around-the-edges charm of old school Dude Ranch or even Buddha-era Blink, and even has a melodic vocal section that sounds like it was written especially for Mark Hoppus.

“We activated a new quick and dirty track for those who pre-ordered the record,” DeLonge posted on his official Twitter account. “…#circlejerkpit”

It’s a big departure musically from the forthcoming DeLonge record’s first single, New World, which had a much croonier, more ‘adult’ sound.

Circle-Jerk-Pit is the latest drop in what’s bound to be a monsoon of new DeLonge material, with the singer/guitarist/Alien-spotter promising to release a whopping four albums in 2015, as well as fifteen novels over the next four years.

The first of DeLonge’s new albums, To The Stars, has been flagged for release on 21st April.

Listen: Tom DeLonge – Circle-Jerk-Pit

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