Heatwave Festival Shambles Continue, No Sign Of D12

The Heatwave Festival hit South Australia over the weekend and so far the organisation can only be described as mayhem. The first set back came on the first night in S.A when it was announced that headliners D12 has missed their flight and would no longer be able to play their scheduled set. Organisers promised they would do their best to get D12 to perform on the Saturday night, however this never eventuated.

Last night, reports also came in that punters at the festival had threatened performers with knives and questions about the lack of security at the festival have been raised.

On top of all of this, the festival organisers are refusing to confirm whether D12 will actually play in Brisbane or even at the rest of the festival dates. Fans have posted over 20 comments on the festival’s Facebook page demanding an answer, but there has been no reply from the organisers even though they are furiously pushing tickets through the page. Music Feeds has been in contact with the festival’s director, Patrick J Whyntie, and he is refusing to comment on the D12 situation.

With the festival set to hit Brisbane tomorrow, one can only assume that D12 won’t be playing and that the organisers will leave punters high and dry again, only announcing their withdrawal on the day of the festival. This is a disgusting act on behalf of the organisers and they should be held accountable for these actions. They cannot be promoting tickets to the event without informing consumers about what they are actually buying.

Music Feeds will be contacting the Department Of Fair Trading about the situation and we’ll keep you updated with the information as it rolls out.

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