Heatwave Lawsuit Hits Snag As D12 Go MIA

The dramas for the embattled Heatwave Festival simply won’t go away. After organisers went into voluntary administration, handing control over to Ferrier Hogdson, the liquidators sought legal action against would-be headliners D12, who simply failed to show up to the festival. But the rap group is nowhere to be found, and therefore cannot be served.

Prior to not showing up to the event, D12 were fronted a guarantee of $35,475.73, which is the amount that Ferrier Hogdson are seeking, plus legal fees. In order for the lawsuit to go ahead, the band must first be served with the court papers but apparently Stateside authorities have been unable to locate the group. From there, it only gets worse.

The agency responsible for locating D12, or the process server, has demanded more money to fund the search. Magistrate Kym Millard has informed those involved that “the communication comes from a process server, advising they are the (responsible) agent (for serving documents) in the US, The server is requesting a fee of $95…let’s hope they can locate the parties before the next court date.”

We find ourselves agreeing with ToneDeaf on this one, who point out that surely they aren’t looking too hard. One member of D12, Swifty McVay is currently in Australia right now supporting Obie Trice and get this – also supporting Obie Trice is Mastacraft, the rap identity of the Heatwave promoter. Ah, the webs we weave.

So Heatwave’s woes are nowhere near finished – grab some popcorn.

(Via ToneDeaf)

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