Heatwave Promoter Vanishes With $30,000 Cash

A man who was working with failed Heatwave Festival promoter Patrick Whyntie has disappeared with $30,000 in cash.

Olivier Lokolomba, also known as Olivier Reckom, who is aged 26 was last seen on the 21st of January at the Mercure Hotel in Potts Point, Sydney and then at the nearby Bendigo Bank ATM at around 11am.

Speaking with ABC, Heatwave director Patrick Whyntie said:

He’s a lovely guy. We all fear for his safety…We think that he possibly has been robbed with a substantial amount of money on him and he never showed up to the other events…We just fear that possibly something bad has happened to him.

A Facebook group has been set up called Help Us Find Oli and he has been officially listed as a missing person.

The Heatwave Festival was held at venues around Australia throughout January, but yesterday it was declared insolvent, owing an undisclosed amount to a number of creditors around the country.

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