Here Are The Top 25 Metal Genres Ranked, According To Spotify

Spotify has been playing doctor with its music catalogue recently, poking, prodding and probing to draw conclusions about the way we humans listen to music.

Recently, they unveiled a musical map of the world, which boils down the music most listened-to by the inhabitants of major cities across the globe into over 100 unique and constantly evolving playlists. They also used that data to draw the conclusion that hip hop is the world’s most popular genre.

But despite hip hop’s apparent global supremacy, heavy metal music produces the most loyal fans. And after shouting “Eureka!” on that particular piece of science, the music doctors at Spotify have now probed deeper, to dissect the most popular subgenres within the metal genus.

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Now we all know how anal metal fans can be when it comes to defining subgenres, and Spotify concedes that “some bands are associated with multiple genres to varying degrees”, but when it comes to methodology, they’ve kept things pretty simple: examining 91 different metal genres currently available on the streaming site, and then seeing which ones are getting listened to the most.

So drum roll (with shitloads of double kick) please: the top 5 metal genres, according to Spotify, are Alternative Metal at number 1, followed closely by Nu Metal, Hard Rock, Groove Metal and Rap Metal.

For clarification, Spotify have also included a description of each metal genre along with an example of a band that fits the mould. Check out the full list in the gallery below, and try not to get too angry if you don’t agree with, for instance, Audioslave getting categorised as ‘Funk Metal’, or ‘Metal’ itself being named as a subgenre of itself.

Gallery: Top 25 Metal Genres, According To Spotify

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