Here’s A Drake & Sufjan Stevens Mash-Up Album You Never Knew You Needed

Drake and Sufjan Stevens have collided without either of them knowing, thanks to a new mash-up album called Six Swans.

A tumblr user with the amazing name of riveyoncé cuoknowles has collated together a bunch of mash-ups of Drake and Sufjan Stevens track from various people, into an album that’s strangely intriguing.

Drake and Stevens are from completely different worlds, but that all changed when Stevens covered Hotline Bling at a show last year. Even with that in mind though, their styles couldn’t be more different, but on Six Swans (below) they come together pretty effortlessly.

If you can’t get enough of the album, riveyoncé cuoknowles has also written a 20-part fan fiction series about Drake and Sufjan’s relationship. It’s a truly beautiful, beautiful thing.

It doesn’t stop there, either. They’ve also made a video of Sufjan and Drake getting married on the Canadian border, with Beyoncé and Rihanna in attendance. It’s a coupling that we never could’ve predicted, but we hope Drake and Sufjan are very happy together.

You can stream or download Six Swans in all its glory, below.

Listen: Drake & Sufjan Stevens – ‘Six Swans’

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