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Here’s What Your Favourite Rock & Metal Acts Would Look Like As Star Wars Characters

May the 4th has been with us for another year, and as always, the internet has been fuller than Jabba The Hutt’s bedpan with Star Wars-themed shenanigans.

And one of the things that tickled our wookies the most was a collection of images on Reddit.

After savvily noticing that a great deal of rock and metal bands look a whole lot like Sith lords, a photoshop jedi named fantoman took some of their most famous promo shots to their logical conclusion, editing them into a dope-as Star Wars picture card series.

Check out all of his creations from the excellently-named Rock Turned My Kid To The Dark Side album, below.

FYI: these definitely are the droids you’re looking for.

Gallery: Rock Turned My Kid To The Dark Side

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