Here’s Footage Of That Ned Flanders Themed Metal Band Okilly Dokilly’s First Ever Show

They amassed close to 30,000 followers on Facebook before they even played a live show but now Ned Flanders-inspired metal band Okilly Dokilly have finally taken to the stage and, by the looks of it, went extremely well.

Of course, it went down at a “Simpsons-ized school carnival” put on by Simpsons fansite FLIM Springfield at The Trunk Space in Phoenix and thankfully there’s no shortage of footage from the hotly anticipated event.


There’s a pre-show interview outside a Moe’s Tavern sign, a short documentary and also live video of the band playing Donut Hell. It was a packed-house for the debut sold diddly-out performance which suitably included crowd-surfing on a donut.

The band were very good at staying in character rocking the classic Flanders sweater and also refusing to give away their own names for fear of their own identity detracting from what the band is all about. They did reveal they have had 1.8 million plays on their demos since first coming to the attention of the public.

There may only be one person that doesn’t approve of Okilly Dokilly and that’s Ned Flanders himself. You may recall he once told Rod and Todd that they had to play team sports to keep them away from “temptations like rock music and girls”. Well, there was definitely rock music and as far as we can tell there was also girls.

The band seem to agree to. When asked what Flanders would think of the music they responded, “I don’t know if he’d be proud. I’m sure he’d be entertained, not proud.”

Watch: Pre-show Interview

Watch: 1st Ever Okilly Dokilly Show Documentary

Watch: Okilly Dokilly – Donut Hell (Live At Trunk)


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