Here’s How You Can Jam With Megadeth While They Record Their New Album

Now with a new studio drummer in tow, thrash metal kings Megadeth have begun recoding sessions for their next full-length studio LP and have launched a crowd-funding campaign allowing fans various opportunities to get in on the process.

By pre-ordering the album on Pledgemusic fans will get access to a window into the world of Dave Mustaine, Kiko Loureiro, David Ellefson and new studio drummer Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler as they prep Megadeth’s 15th studio album.

“You’ll get full access to the process in real time,” explain the band. Such access includes a variety of behind-the-scenes content like photos and videos from the writing and recording sessions.

For example, $162 will get you a disposable camera full of “one-of-a-kind photos” from Megadeth’s studio. $500 smackaroos will buy one-hour guitar lesson with Kiko on Skype in the US and $509 buys the Megadeth song of your choice, written out by hand and signed by Dave Mustaine.

For those with a couple of grand to hand over, pledging $2,500 will get you access to the studio for a day with Megadeth to watch the recording process first hand, for $3,000 you can go one-on-one with Dave Mustaine in a 2-hour guitar lesson and finally for $10,000 fans can jam on a couple songs with the band before they start recording. You’ll have to be Nashville for that one.

Dave Mustaine recently confirmed the band have finished writing 15 songs for the next Megadeth album, the follow-up to 2013’s polarising Super Collider. Check out their Pledgemusic campaign here.

Watch some behind-the-scenes Megadeth studio snippets below.

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