Here’s Paramore’s ‘Misery Business’, As Performed By Characters From 155 Movies

So, the concept of splicing video clips of well-known people or characters together to form the lyrics to a popular song ain’t exactly new.

We’ve seen it done plenty of times before, what with choons like Uptown Funk, or that infamous Barack Obama rickroll.

But look, the results are always hilarious, and this one gets bonus points because – well – it’s Paramore.

Just try not to grin like a schoolgirl as you behold some of the greatest characters from the annals of film history – such as Gandalf The Grey, Diehard’s Hans Gruber, Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, Morticia Addams and Lord Voldemort – recite the lyrics to Hayley Williams & co’s classic pop-punk highschool love anthem, Misery Business.

It was never our intention to brag, but it’s pretty fkn incredible.

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