Here’s Proof The New Aussie $5 Note Is Perfect For Playing Vinyl

Australia’s new five dollar note has had a torrid time since being introduced recently, with revelations that it’s frequently not being accepted by automatic readers and vending machines.

It does have a surprising utility though, as Aussie Peter Cho found out when he held the corner of the note to a Tame Impala vinyl spinning on his record player, and filmed the note amplifying the track The Less I Know The Better pretty damn clearly.

The UK recently brought in a new, plastic five pound note, and since its arrival Britons have discovered that you can actually use the corner of the note to play vinyl records.

Not to be outdone, Cho wondered why Aussie notes, which have been plastic for quite some time, couldn’t be used to do the same thing.

“I saw that the British notes could do it, so I just gave our new ugly $5 notes a go, as the edges of the notes looked very sharp,” Cho tells Music Feeds.

According to Cho, it’s the sharper edges on the new notes that are the key to successfully playing a record. “I gave the old $5 and $10 a go, but they sound a bit weaker as the edges are more blunt,” he says.

Check out Cho’s fiver in action below, as well as a video of the UK’s DJ Blowfelt playing his own record with the new British five pound note.

Watch: DJ Blowfelt Playing His Own Record With A Five Pound Note

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