Hiatus Kaiyote Releases New Single 'Telescope’
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Hiatus Kaiyote Releases New Single ‘Telescope’

Hiatus Kaiyote released a new single titled ‘Telescope’ which is the third track from her album named ‘Love Heart Cheat Code’ which is all set to be released on Friday, 28th June. The album is going to be released via Brainfeeder Records / Ninja Tune. 

Bender (bass) shared while talking about the significance of the track: “NASA has a website where you can type in your birthday and then it will tell you the most interesting thing that the Hubble telescope took a picture of on your birthday. And so each of the four verses is based on our four birthdays”. 

Hiatus Kaiyote – ‘Telescope’

The album ‘Love Heart Cheat Code’ consists of eleven songs which are curated with utmost thought and love, obviously. All the 11 tracks are playful, exuberant and liberate shine and positive energy.

Nai says, while laughing: ‘I’m a maximalist. I complicate fucking everything. But the more you go through things in life, you become more relaxed and uninhibited. Sometimes you can still have depth and reach people and really stop dancing around the fact: What do you want to communicate to people? And I feel like this album is a result of that clarity for us. We didn’t need to spell out the complexity if the song didn’t call for it.’

Hiatus Kaiyote Australian Tour Dates

  • Tuesday 17th September – Forum, Melbourne
  • Friday 20th September – Enmore, Sydney
  • Saturday 21st September – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane
  • Friday 27th September – Astor Theatre, Perth
  • Saturday 28th September – Hindley Street Music Hall, Adelaide


  • Dreamboat
  • Telescope
  • Make Friends
  • BMO is Beautiful – feat BMO from Adventure Time
  • Everything’s Beautiful
  • Dimitri
  • Longcat
  • How To Meet Yourself
  • Love Heart Cheat Code
  • Cinnamon Temple
  • White Rabbit

You can pre-order the Love Heart Cheat Code album here.

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