How To Shut Down Fans Who “Interrupt The Shit” Out Of You, Kanye Style

Footage has emerged of rapper Kanye West appearing in a reality television show pilot from 2010, explaining the cunning tactics he employs to avoid fans who “say really stupid stuff” to him. The footage, which has been unearthed by TMZ, was filmed long before Kanye even started dating his reality television star wife Kim Kardashian.

In the TMZ clip (below), the logo of TNE Travel appears, possibly signalling the title of the show whose pilot episode Kanye appeared in. The show, unfortunately, didn’t make it past the pilot stage. The program appears to focus on Brett Goetsch, a self-professed “ultimate travel agent to the stars”, and the clip shows him working on Kanye’s travel arrangements.

A minute into the footage, Kanye can be seen chatting with his team in the studio, complaining in a rather jovial way about having to wait around in airports, due to his distaste for fans or members of the general population who constantly try to converse with him.

“I’m trying to avoid airports at all costs, cause people like to say really stupid stuff to me,” West explains. “Okay, that’s completely politically incorrect. I really like being at airports,” he says. “I like people walking up to me and saying shit like ‘Are you Kanye West?'”

West goes on to explain his main fan avoidance tactic, which involves pretending that he’s on the phone and then snapping at the fake person on the other end of the line, just to send a message.

“The whole time I’m on the phone and shit. That’s one of my moves though. I’ll be on the phone even though I’m not on the phone,” Kanye says, laughing. “Just to keep people from coming up to me. People have no respect for the phone.

“This is how you can get away with not snapping on a fan. What you do is you snap on the person you’re on the phone with. It lets them know that they’re interrupting the shit out of you.”

Watch: Kanye West’s Spot In A 2010 Reality Show Pilot, via TMZ

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