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That Huge Vinyl Sale Is Back With Deals On Pearl Jam, Jeff Buckley & More

That huge online vinyl sale we’ve been telling you about is back for another round, and this time there’s a Maxwell LP going for a gold coin, plus huge discounts on Pearl Jam, Jeff Buckley and more.

Serial discounters The Music Vault have previously flogged $1 records by the likes of Will Smith and Alice In Chains, but now they’ve got a whole new record up for grabs.

You can cop Maxwell’s blackSUMMERS’night LP for just $1, which is a bargain given the quality of the record. The 2016 drop was the R&B legend’s first in seven years, and found huge favour critically, earning positive reviews across the globe.

If that doesn’t take your fancy, there are also huge sales on Pearl Jam’s ‘Who You Are’ 7″ single and Jeff Buckley’s ‘Everyday People’ 7″ single.

Both are pretty special releases. Pearl Jam’s ‘Who You Are’ was a single off their 1996 No Code record and was reissued as a 7″ vinyl to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the album. Buckley’s ‘Everyday People’, on the other hand, was a Record Store Day drop that sees him cover a Sly & The Family Stone classic acoustically.

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